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Patron - South Australia

His Excellency The Honourable Hieu Van Le

There are over 6 million people in Australia who generously donate their time to make a positive difference in the lives of so many. Of that number, over 900,000 volunteers and over 2000 volunteer-involving organisations exist throughout this State and the Northern Territory.

Volunteering SA&NT has again shown strong leadership, as well as innovation and proactive engagement, helping to meet the demand for much needed volunteer support and services in the community.

The living standards of Australians are higher than they have ever been, yet there are many people in our community who are in need, and often the organisations who are dedicated to support them, would struggle to cope with the demand without the support of their devoted volunteers.

Volunteers are vital in every part of a strong society. They contribute to bringing clean air, fresh water, literacy, justice, housing, health and community services to our families and communities every day. Volunteers also play a vital part in climate change, bushland preservation and environmental management; they assist in making our world a more peaceful and just place by helping refugees; educating about poverty; listening to children read and sharing lifelong skills.

It is imperative that we continue to recognise and support the efforts of our volunteers. Volunteers are a unique group of people who are committed to putting others first by giving their time generously, without expecting reward, other than the satisfaction of knowing that they really are making a difference to the lives of others.

I want to congratulate the Board, management, staff and volunteers of Volunteering SA&NT for leading the way in advancing the not-for-profit Sector in South Australia and the Northern Territory. I commend you for your dedication and the professional services, support and networking opportunities you offer, as it is through your efforts, and by promoting the rich experiences and benefits of volunteering, that the Sector will continue to grow.

His Excellency The Honourable Hieu Van Le
Governor of South Australia
Patron of Volunteering SA&NT

Minister for Volunteers - South Australia

His Excellency The Honourable Hieu Van Le

Zoe Bettison was elected to the South Australian Parliament as the Member for Ramsay on 11 February 2012. She is passionate about learning and has a strong interest in education, training and business investment. Participation in the economy for all South Australians is a key driver for her interest in politics.

Since coming to office, Zoe has supported the renewal of local parks and facilities, including the Salisbury Civic Square upgrade and the Creaser Park play space. Zoe has also supported new legislative measures to reduce hoon driving and graffiti, and she is a strong supporter of the Skills for All program. 

Zoe has a BA from Flinders University and a MBA from the University of Adelaide. Prior to her election Zoe worked for an iconic tourism transport operator and was a director of a public affairs company. Read more

Zoe Bettison MP
Minister for Volunteers