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Business Engagement Volunteering

Business engagement volunteering (also known as corporate volunteering) provides organisations with the opportunity to foster team building, develop skills, offer new experiences, give back to the community and be recognised for corporate social responsibility.

Volunteer-involving organisations seeking to provide opportunities for businesses to engage with them should complete and submit the Business Engagement Opportunity Form below.

Businesses requesting to engage their staff in activities with a community organisation should complete and submit the Business Engagement Request Form below. 

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Business Engagement Volunteering Services
- For Businesses and Employees
- For Community Organisations

Consultancy Services

Our consulting team has a proven track record in successfully undertaking projects for a wide range of clients with all services underpinned by the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement (National Standards).

Our suite of consultancy services can be customised to meet the needs of each client and may involve one or several of our services.

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