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27/04/2018 - VNews SA
VNews SA&NT 27 April 2018

National Volunteer Week 21-27 May 2018 Give a little. Change a lot. - thanking the 6 million volunteers across Australia. In SA we are hosting a Parade in Adelaide's CBD - everyone who volunteers or works with volunteers can join in the festivities from The Torrens Parade Ground to Victoria Square.

27/04/2018 - VNews NT
VNews NT 27 April 2018

Registrations open for the inaugural NT Sustainability, Resilience and Leadership NFP Forum in Darwin on 14 June 2018. Register now for the CEO Breakfast and full day forum providing participants with the resources and knowledge to effectively manage a NFP organisation in an ever-changing landscape. Next week we need your support in attending a meeting on the future of volunteering support services and the impact of Federal funding cuts.

13/04/2018 - VNews SA
VNews SA&NT 13 April 2018

Register now (member discount) for June National Volunteering Conference in Sydney, Fundraising for Guide Dogs SA&NT, Volunteering Australia submissions, National Volunteer Week Parade in Adelaide.

13/04/2018 - VNews NT
VNews NT 13 April 2018

Volunteering NT have partnered with Fundraising Institute of Australia and Community Business Bureau for the inaugural Sustainability, Resilience and Leadership NFP Forum in Darwin on 14 June. Have your say in the future of volunteering - attend meeting in Darwin on 2 May on the Volunteer Management (VMP). Boss’ Blind Date - immersive fundraising challenge to raise awareness and funds for Guide Dogs SA/NT.

21/03/2018 - VNews NT
VNews NT 29 March 2018

Thank you to all the volunteers assisting with Cyclone Marcus clean-up; Boss Blind Date; promote your organisation or business through Vitality Magazine + grants, scholarships, training and more

16/03/2018 - VNews SA
VNews SA&NT 16 March 2018

South Australian State Election, Volunteering Strategy for South Australia; Review of the Volunteer Management Program funding + grants and scholarships, training and diary dates

16/03/2018 - VNews NT
VNews NT 16 March 2018

Review of the Volunteer Management Program funding; Survey: Dignity and respect in volunteer settings + training news and diary dates

02/03/2018 - Featured, VNews NT
VNews NT 2 March 2018

On Thursday 29th March, Evelyn will be spending the day at work in darkness to raise awareness and funds for Guide Dogs SA/NT. Please help Evelyn rise to this challenge and support Guide Dogs SA/NT to continue their vital services by donating via the link below. Thankyou for your support!

02/03/2018 - Featured, VNews SA
Vnews SA&NT 2 March 2018

Volunteering SA&NT sought a commitment from all major political parties on a range of proposals that will contribute to the sector being safe, effective and sustainable. We outlined five key issues in our Volunteering Sector Proposals. Evelyn O'loughlin is doing Boss' Blind Date to support Guide Dogs SA

25/02/2018 - Featured, Media Releases SA&NT
Making a Stand for SA Volunteers

Volunteers will benefit financially with the proposed abolishment of fees for working with children and other screening checks. Labor have announced that volunteers, over the age of 60, will no longer have to pay for screening clearances if they are re-elected in the SA State Election next month. The Liberals have promised to scrap the fee for all volunteers and to investigate the excessive delays in the screening process. They have also pledged to extend the world-first WeDo volunteering app, which connects volunteers to organisations.