Advocacy and Policy

Advocacy and Policy

As a peak body, we represent the volunteering community through advocacy and policy.

We lead and participate in discussions and public policy dialogue on volunteering. We are a reference point for government and decision makers on matters relevant to volunteering. We represent those who volunteer in the wider community and are first with advice and expertise on volunteering in the public domain. 

We are interested in information on issues affecting volunteers and the management of complaints made by them.  If you would like more information or would like to provide us with information relating to any issues experienced by volunteers please contact us.

Current Submissions

South Australian Productivity Commission - Government Procurement Inquiry, November 2018 - March 2019

The Commission is inquiring into the efficiency and effectiveness of State Government goods and services procurement, examining the existing framework and considering insights from other jurisdictions to identify reform options that improve procurement practices to positively impact on business and employment. The Commission will release a draft report on or before 15 March 2019 detailing evidence, key findings and draft recommendations.  

Volunteering Conflict Resolution

Sometimes things don’t go as planned and disputes between volunteers and volunteer-involving organisations may occur which can be upsetting for those concerned. At this stage there is no equivalent to ‘fair work’ regulations for volunteers and in most cases no external body can intervene. The first step is to consider how you would like to resolve the issue. If you are a volunteer, you may wish to consider moving to a different role within the organisation or starting with another organisation. For volunteer-involving organisations, you need to be respectful and manage the dispute with professionalism.

It is important that both parties refer to the organisation’s policies and procedures for grievances and conflict or talk to somebody approachable in the organisation to work through the issue.

Volunteer Rights and Responsibility

By volunteering you are generously donating your time, skills and efforts. However a volunteer environment is also a workplace and you have certain rights and responsibilities that must be upheld.

Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities