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Volunteer involving organisations are encouraged to review their risk assessments in light of the new medical advice. This should include considering the feasibility of remote working, wearing masks in indoor settings, and encouraging volunteers to stay home if they are sick. This resource provides useful information to safeguard volunteers during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

All volunteers are encouraged to stay COVID-19 safe in light of the new medical advice. The Chief Medical Officer is encouraging everyone to wear masks when outside the home in crowded, indoor environments, maintain physical distancing and good hygiene practices, take a test if you have any symptoms, and stay at home if you have COVID-19.


Volunteering during COVID-19 safely
Wellbeing for volunteers


Lifeline - Working from Home Tool Kit
SA Health - Your Wellbeing during COVID-19

Volunteering Australia

Volunteering and gender: changes during the COVID-19 pandemic - Fact Sheet March 2022 
Volunteering and the ongoing impact of COVID-19 - May 2021 
COVID-19 Vaccinations and Mandating Vaccinations Note

COVID-19 Information for Volunteers
Practical Guide for Volunteers

Fact Sheets 

Managing the Return of Volunteers to the Workplace (Justice Connect)
Risk Assessment Template COVID-19
Workplace Checklist COVID-19
Key Considerations COVID-19 Risk Assessment
Responding to a Pandemic: A Guide for Volunteer Involving Organisations

Justice Connect - free resources on issues not-for-profits face, including managing contractual obligations, holding meetings and navigating employment challenges

Fact Sheets

Volunteer involving organisations 
Diversifying your volunteer program
Staying connected with your volunteers
Volunteer Engagement Response Plan 
Not-for-profit Law - The People Involved: Managing your workforce during a crisis


CEO Communique 20 March 2020 Volunteering SA&NT

Media Release 

Volunteering during and after the pandemic 11 May 2020


SA Health
Testing for COVID-19
Australian Government Department of Health
World Health Organisation
T 1800 020 080 (in Australia 24/7) for coronavirus (COVID-19) information

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We are committed to achieving and maintaining an environment that is positive, productive and harmonious, where complaints, grievances and appeals are managed promptly, confidentially, impartially and fairly.

Complaints and Grievance Policy

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COVID-19 Information

Volunteering Australia COVID-19 Position Papers No. 1 & 2

Volunteering Australia and the State and Territory volunteering peak bodies are monitoring the evolving COVID-19 situation closely and are actively providing guidance to the volunteering community during these very challenging times. In order to clearly articulate our position around a number of issues regarding COVID-19 and the volunteering sector, two policy position papers have been published (see above).