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Learning & Development

We provide free and low cost training for volunteers, volunteer managers/co-ordinators and volunteer involving organisations. Sessions are interesting, informative and inspiring and offer straightforward suggestions for dealing with all matters volunteering.

Training takes the form of two to three hour sessions, longer workshops, full or half day forums and multiple day conferences. We can meet all of your professional development needs.

Training is conducted by qualified and experienced presenters in a friendly and interactive way that encourages discussion, information sharing and skill development.

Sessions cover general topics on volunteering and volunteer management as well as mentoring, grant writing, communication, effective recruitment and governance. Sessions are designed to cater for beginner, intermediate and advanced skill levels.

Thank you to Volunteering SA&NT trainers, Carole and Emily for the best training I have been to in a long while! I loved the positivity of the day – it is so easy to get bogged down in the negative so it was refreshing to have such a positive focus.”
Dannielle Little, Project Officer – Volunteer Program, Statewide Services Department of Child Protection

If you have specific training needs or require a customised session, then please contact us for a quote. We can provide customised training for your volunteers or volunteer managers. There are lots of options available, including potentially partnering with other organisations to reduce costs or referring you onto other service providers.


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