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Branded merchandise available to purchase with Volunteering SA&NT members receiving up to 20% discount on selected items.

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Publications Price (inc. GST)
Just a Tick - CD ROM $10.00
Volunteer Program Management: The Essentials $39.20
The NEW National Standards For Volunteer Involvement Download a FREE copy
Implementing the National Standards: Guide and Workbook $30.25 (members)
$36.30  (non members)
Positive Ageing: Think Volunteering $19.99
Doing It $5.00
Best Practice Tips for Managing Volunteers $7.50
Volunteers & Paid Staff: Working in Unison

$10.00 (e-copy)
$15.00 (hard copy)

A Volunteers Guide to Volunteering


Imagine If - A Handbook for Activists


Merchandise Price (inc. GST)
Lanyard - Black with Red writing or Red with White writing $3.50
V-Badge  $3.20

Anniversary V-Badges 5, 10 (sold out) , 15, 20, 25, 30 Years

Anniversary Badges