2020 Supplementary Volunteer Grants

Applications have now closed and all applicants will be notified by 4 December 2020.   

The Australian Government has provided Volunteering SA&NT with funding to administer a Supplementary Grants program to volunteer involving organisations.

The purpose of the funding is to support the efforts of South Australian and Northern Territory volunteers as well as to encourage and increase participation in volunteering by on-funding grants to provide small amounts of money that organisations and community groups can use to help their volunteers.

The supplementary volunteer grants are designed to support volunteer involving organisations with a high proportion (over 40%) of volunteers to:

The intended outcome of the grants is to strengthen community functioning by increasing participation in volunteering.

About the grants

Grants of between $1,000 - $5,000 are available to enable volunteer involving organisations to strengthen community functioning by increasing participation in volunteering. A total pool of $229,500 will be available within South Australia and $102,000 in the Northern Territory.

Who is eligible to apply for a grant?

Organisations must meet the following criteria to apply:

Selection process

Assessments will be undertaken through a competitive grant process. 

Prior to applications being reviewed by the selection panel(s), consideration will be given to the following criteria:

Selection Criteria 

Assessors will review each grant application based on merit.  Applications will be assessed against the two selection criteria noted below:  

Selection Criteria  


Describe the expected outcomes of this project.


Describe how this project will support the volunteers and the work they do for the organisation and broader community.



What can the grant money be used for?

Please view the 2020 Volunteering SA&NT Supplementary Volunteer Grant Guidelines for Applicants for more details on eligible and non-eligible items. 


Volunteer involving organisations can use the small grant for items and activities that support and benefit the organisations volunteers, such as:  

  • Small equipment items; 
  • Transport costs of volunteers with disability;  
  • Fuel costs incurred by volunteers; 
  • Training for volunteers;  
  • Background screening checks of volunteers; 
  • Documentation requirements;  
  • Post COVID-19 re-engagement activities for volunteers
  • Adapting practices to support volunteers safety in relation to COVID-19 


Volunteer involving organisations cannot use the small grant for:  

  • Items that do not directly benefit the organisation’s volunteers
  • Advertising, logos, banners, display boards, uniforms, badging, or other things that advertise the organisation/community group (and do not link to increasing volunteer participation)
  • Administration and running costs of the organisation
  • Organisations/community groups are not permitted to charge a fee for administering their Volunteer Grants.
  • Costs already incurred. Grants will not be provided to cover retrospective costs
  • Goods and services delivered by State or Territory peak volunteering bodies.
  • Fuel costs that are not eligible
  • Transport costs that are not eligible
  • Ineligible training costs
  • Background screening checks of volunteers that are not eligible


How to apply?

Before applying, you must read and understand the guidelines in the 2020 Volunteering SA&NT Supplementary Volunteer Grant Guidelines for Applicants

You can only submit one application form per organisation per State or Territory for this grant opportunity. 

To apply you must:


Applications open: Tuesday 25 August 2020
Applications close: 11.59PM AEST Sunday 20 September 2020

Before you apply

It is important to read all available information provided about the 2020 Supplementary Volunteer Grants when applying for funding, especially the 2020 Volunteering SA&NT Supplementary Volunteer Grant Guidelines for Applicants. The 2020 Supplementary Volunteer Grants Questions and Answers Document  also provides useful additional clarification for applicants.  The Questions and Answers Document will be updated during the nomination period if additional queries have been made to the State/Territory peaks and further explanation is given.

These grant documents are specific to the 2020 Supplementary Volunteer Grants round and contain important information about the purpose of the program, eligibility and compliance requirements, timeframes and how to apply.

Organisations are encouraged to check the application form for completeness and that it contains accurate organisational details prior to submitting it. Providing incorrect details may impact on whether the organisation is funded.

Check that all fields in the application form have been completed in full, including in particular correct bank and contact details. Please advise us immediately in writing if these details change.

Check that all answers to questions have been entered correctly and saved into the application form.  You cannot change your application once it has been submitted.

Applications that are not completed correctly and in full may be deemed as non-compliant or ineligible and may not be considered.

Supporting Documents:


Please ensure you have read the Guidelines and Questions & Answers before applying.

Please enter an image description.

For further clarification and enquiries please email or call T 8221 7177

MEDIA: 2020 Volunteering SA&NT Supplementary Volunteer Grants Media Release