Volunteer Office Assistant

City-Bay Fun Run

Specifically, the volunteer will be required to label numbers, sort numbers into event categories, extract numbers for posting, collected team numbers and organising numbers for collection at the City-Bay EXPO.

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  • Location: Mile End SA
  • Category Recreation

Suitable for

  • Travelling Volunteers
  • People with disability
  • People Learning English
  • Work Experience
  • Wheelchair Access


Regular - less than 6 months

Time Required

Weekdays - 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, although we are flexible to suit you.


On the job


* Accuracy, patience and ability to meet deadlines.

*Please note:
*It’s important that organisations continue to monitor and follow the advice and guidelines of both State or Territory, and Federal Governments in relation to the latest COVID-19 requirements.
*As each organisation provides different levels/types of insurance, volunteers are reminded to check with the organisation as to the type of insurance provided for volunteers (e.g. Voluntary Workers Personal Accident Insurance).
*Best practice volunteer involvement recommends that a volunteer role should not be more than 15-16 hours per week.


Lunch supplied

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